Adding fuel to the cancer fight





Identity & Naming

Brand Strategy

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Creative Production

Research, Measurement & Analysis

The Challenge

Change the perception of Varian as a company that solely makes radiotherapy machines, to one offering a full spectrum of leading-edge oncology software, hardware and services.

Strategic Decision

Move the focus from radiotherapy and machines to the global fight against cancer.

The A-Ha Moment

I must partner with Varian to provide the best outcome for my patients.

We developed print, video, digital banners, landing pages, mobile, and internal communication materials to extend Varian's new brand* and bring it to life across their entire spectrum of offerings.

"Mortar is a tireless partner and consultant to me and continues to be my go-to agency for thoughtful marketing strategies, compelling, effective creative and seamless execution. Apart from consistently delivering smart, succinct creative, they are a total joy to work with. I'm looking forward to our continued partnership as we drive, evolve and extend the Varian brand."

— Maye Chua, Manager, Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy

The Results

Brand work is executed across the company's entire global communications

Internal excitement and advocacy for the new brand

Dominant presence and differentiation across healthcare oncology landscape

*Broadened and evolved initial brand identity developed by Interbrand