Putting the Passion in Password Managers





Marketing strategy

Conceptual development

Creative production

The Challenge

Drive enterprise adoption of Bitwarden by transforming existing users into product and brand champions within the workplace.

Strategic Decision

Bitwarden is far more than personal password protection, it's powerful password management for every business, everywhere.

The A-Ha Moment

“Damn! I know how good this works for me, I gotta get it into my workplace.”

Bitwarden came to us to help get their base of password manager devotees to bring the product into its users’ workplaces. Since we already knew they loved and relied on Bitwarden in their personal lives, we decided to leverage that momentum by showing them a work world where that same love not only thrived, but blossomed by Bringing Bitwarden to Work.

Our campaign messaging and visual identity came directly from the voice of the user’s love of Bitwarden’s password management prowess—highlighting the many reasons why they’re bringing Bitwarden to work. That style and tone carries over to a new website, social media executions, and marketing extensions that will allow Bitwarden to keep on ‘bringing it’ well into the future.

“Thank you, Mortar team, for the strategic thinking, compelling visuals, and strong copywriting that brought the Bring Bitwarden to Work concept to life!” 

—Vivian Shic, Senior Director, Product Marketing & Growth, Bitwarden