Introducing Luxury Where It's Least Expected

Soft Spa Bidets


Soft Spa Bidets


Identity & Naming

Brand Strategy

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Creative Production

The Challenge

Launch a new bidet to the world that convinces consumers our bidet is an unbelievable spa-like experience everyone can enjoy, every single day.

Strategic Decision

Soft Spa is a luxurious self-care experience.

The A-Ha Moment

“Now I want to stay in my bathroom all the time.”

Our ideation began with the fact that consumers have a lot of misconceptions about bidets. So we saw an opportunity to define bidets for them by marketing Soft Spa as an experience they wouldn’t expect: Luxurious. This led us to landing on a fresh, ownable tagline and campaign direction for the Soft Spa bidet: Unexpected Luxury.

While exploring design directions for Unexpected Luxury we knew we wanted to stop potential buyers in their tracks with the unexpectedness of our visuals. This unearthed the idea of juxtaposing bidets alongside the familiar imagery of glamorous models in high-fashion settings.

In developing a completely new brand identity, we leveraged our campaign message of Soft Spa being “a luxurious, spa-like experience,” to create a visual representation of the coupling of the fluidity of water and an icon of royalty. We call it the splash crown.

A lavish casting session and swanky photo/video shoot resulted in luxuriously unexpected social posts, films, and a brand new website. Not to mention a behind-the-scenes highlight reel to prove that upgrading private time was ready for prime time.

“Mortar has helped us differentiate the Soft Spa bidet from the competition and redefined the brand based on customer insights and aligned it with our marketing strategy. They brought a unique, classy and refreshing perspective to position a product like a bidet and challenged us to push creative boundaries. We had a lot of fun and we couldn’t be happier with the work that Mortar has done for us.” 

— Corinne A.S., Chief Brand Officer, Fluidmaster Inc.