Discover the Moment of Connection

Advanced Bionics: Testimonial Campaign


Advanced Bionics


Marketing strategy

Conceptual development

Creative production

The Challenge

In a highly-competitive category, position Advanced Bionics as the best solution in the minds of hearing care professionals and patients with advanced hearing loss.

Strategic Decision

Tell our story by leaning in on our unique ability to enable life’s most important connections.

The A-Ha Moment

AB’s products let me (and my loved one) connect with life like never before.

Advanced Bionics approached us with the desire to create a testimonial series featuring the emotional stories of their cochlear implant recipients. In a category full of patient testimonials that all followed a formulaic, and expected style and format, we felt there was a deeper and more impactful way to bring these amazing stories to life.

Through our in-depth research and conversations with our client, one truth always resonated with us: The person who has lost their hearing is not the only person that suffers from hearing loss. This insight led us to approach testimonials in an entirely fresh way. We concepted a campaign that allowed cochlear implant recipients to hear their story through the personal experience and voice of a loved one who had a unique, poignant perspective on their hearing journey.

These are stories about connection. About losing and finding connection again. And when connection to the people and the moments we share is tested due to hearing loss. These were their stories but also moments we can all relate to. We called this campaign “The Moment”.


Having a vast community of AB social media followers, we created a series of teasers to get people excited about an upcoming showcase of real stories of extraordinary connections by people who have AB cochlear implants.


After hours of video chat meetings to get to know each of the 7 families and their stories, we worked closely with each “loved one” to help craft their “Moment”. Once each story was finessed and crafted, we then set to recording the audio. While Mortar was creating and editing the audio, we also worked on the flow of the action we wanted and look of our set. We brought in our production partner to help conceive, construct and produce our sets, lighting and camera positioning. The result, after 3 days of shooting and weeks of editing, became the following testimonial campaign we call “The Moment”.  

Along with “The Moment” stories, we worked with our client and the families to capture more technology and product focused content. That along with the existing story footage we were able to create a secondary series of cutdowns for social media and as companion pieces to the full-length videos of each family.

Our creative executions included over 40 videos, internal and external launch creative, and a dedicated website.