Making the World Safer with AI





Marketing & Communications Strategy

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Creative Production

The Challenge

Build a marketing campaign to educate an audience that was unlikely to be familiar with Primer’s unique flavor of AI and ML: NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Strategic Decision

We enhance how people engage with and act on increasingly complex and growing sources of information.

The A-Ha Moment

“I don’t want to make a decision without Primer.”

To establish a visual framework for Primer’s imagery, we developed a system called the “Geogrid,” based on repeating geometric background patterns which represent the data sets Primer’s AI software is able to analyze. A “focus image” in the foreground represents an “Operator”—an agent or soldier executing a mission in the field.

The Geogrid system was delivered as a flexible, easy-to-use template for Primer’s internal design team to carry forward across a range of collateral and platforms.

A range of geometric patterns comprise the Geogrid system, allowing for a wide range of visual expressions within the system, while establishing a consistent and coherent framework for the design campaign.

Every Geogrid layout also features a secondary image (derived from the negative space of the focus image) that represents the “Analyst”—a Primer user or agent who partners with the Operator in the field and is tasked with providing real-time data analyses and insights.

“Thank you again for knocking our socks off with your creative concepts.”

—Rageena Giberson, Director, Demand Generation