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Reno Tahoe USA


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The Challenge

After 13 consecutive years of falling tourism, Reno knew something had to give. Their core audience wasn’t gambling like they have in the past. They needed a fresh approach to marketing the city.

Strategic Decision

Target Bay area, Tahoe-bound millennials who could be persuaded to drive “over-the-hill” to experience Reno’s pleasantly wild and authentic counter-culture.

The A-Ha Moment

For just the right amount of weird, Reno’s right up your alley.

We set out to completely change what people said about Reno. That called for everything: new messaging, new tagline, outdoor, radio, a coordinated push on major social channels, and good old fashioned PR.

With the exception of the long “o” sound, Reno is not Tahoe. Reno has grit. Attitude. Weirdness. And old school cool. So our design did too.

The countless billboards on the way up to Reno were perfect opportunities to entertain (and provoke) the Tahoe-bound, “stick-up-the-Donner-Pass” crowd.

Intentionally brash and raspy, Reno's new voice spoke volumes (of beer pints). Our message was clear: “Hey Bay Area, leave Tahoe in your taillights. Un-celebrate the serene. Because “Far from expected” is closer than you think.

The Results

80% of the Bay Area saw our campaign at least eight times

And that falling tourist-rate? It started to climb for the first time in years