Outsmarting Cancer with Intelligence

Varian: Intelligent Cancer Care




Identity & Naming

Brand Strategy

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Creative Production

The Challenge

Position Varian as the one company that has the command of technology and data across all oncology.

Strategic Decision

Through Intelligent Cancer Care, we will differentiate ourselves as a thought-leader in oncology.

The A-Ha Moment

Varian is the partner that can lead us into the next era of oncology.

The Creative

Intelligent Cancer Care (ICC) is Varian’s information-driven network of next generation oncology solutions that bring people, data, and technology together to manage a more intelligent approach to cancer care.

Tasked with bringing ICC to life, we first developed launch materials that heralded the coming of the next wave of progress in oncology.

The creative executions that followed our launch took a deeper dive into the tenets of Intelligent Cancer Care—highlighting through film, online, print, trade shows, and social media how the future of advanced, patient-centered cancer treatment is finally here.