Setting Ideas Free: From Boardrooms to Whiteboards

Inventing a new category of Intent-driven Networking for Cisco




Strategic Messaging & Positioning

The Challenge

Align a global team so they can successfully launch the world’s next era of networking.

Strategic Decision

Enlist Mortar to pull out the best creative thinking from an in-house team.

The A-Ha Moment

“Boo-yah! The answer’s in the room!”

The Solution

We led Cisco through a series of highly collaborative workshops with global team members drawn from inside and outside the company. Together, we identified five drivers to launch what was to become “The Network. Intuitive”:

*Positioning strategy by Mortar. “Network. Intuitive” execution by Teresa Alpert and the Ogilvy Group.

The Results

Our messaging helped drive global communications development. The launch of the Network Intuitive was one of the most successful in Cisco's history.

800+ ‘Network Intuitive’ related stories in 48 countries

62% of the top 50 publications ran ‘Network Intuitive’ pieces