Anything on Everything for Everyone





Marketing strategy

Name & logo creation

Conceptual development

Brand identity & guidelines

The Challenge

Build and monetize a new community of creators that brings everyone—designers, producers, equipment makers, buyers, sellers—together into one platform.

Strategic Decision

Everyone can be a creative on-demand entrepreneur.

The A-Ha Moment

“Now, nothing can stop me from selling my passion and creativity.”

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. came to us looking for an entirely new brand for their vision: a community platform for making, selling, and buying the widest range of customized products in the world. First up, a new name: Gogigit.

In forming Gogigit, we defined it as the ‘go-to’ destination where creativity is king, customization is the ultimate self-expression, teamwork is a work of art, the ‘gig economy’ calls home, and shoppers can find that unique “something” they can’t get anywhere else.

The visual identity, brand guidelines, and tagline “Let’s Create Great” that we developed for Gogigit informed and inspired a new online experience that’s now home to today’s customized on-demand revolution.

“Mortar helped us identify what was working—and how to focus on it for sustained success. The team has positioned us perfectly for the emerging category of on-demand entrepreneurs.” 

—Dimple Patel, Vice President, Product Development

The Results

Launched a one-of-a-kind marketplace for creative entrepreneurs.

Pushed and redefined the boundaries on what is customizable in today’s on-demand world.