Thinking. And Drinking.
Together at Last.

Thursday Nights at San Francisco's Exploratorium




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The Challenge

The Exploratorium is San Francisco's go-to science museum for throwing your five senses a surprise party. To create buzz (in more ways than one) with an adults-only audience, they turned to us to boost flagging attendance for their cocktail-fueled Thursday night fetes.

Strategic Decision

Aim marketing at intellectually curious urbanites looking for a socially-lubricating twist on date night.

The A-Ha Moment

Quenching your thirst and feeding your mind blends perfectly.

The Exploratorium's exhibits are full-blown cognitive and sensory experiences that play with your perception. So we created work that did just that—take the museum's "head-tilting" factor and bring it outside their walls.

The Creative

We drew viewers in with our print and outdoor work by intentionally making the ads "interactive" ...

... when you look straight on, you get one message. Contort your cranium a bit, and you get another.

We truly flipped listeners' perceptions with our radio spots. Click 'em to get an "ear-tilt."

We told our target audience to leave the sourdough bread and whining sea lions for that visit from their parents ...

... It was time to bring out their inner brainchild and reserve Thursday nights for cold cocktails and a sensory smack-down.

The Results

Attendance up 140% from 500 to 1200 per night

"Mingle with other sexy nerds or invite a date along for an exciting night of experimenation." - Zozi