Putting the WE in wellness.

Carondelet Health Network


Carondelet Health Network



Marketing strategy

Audience research

Creative dev & production

Media strategy, planning & buying

The Challenge

Tucson’s top healthcare provider was under threat from uncaring legislators and aggressive competitors.

Strategic Decision

Compete by boosting staff pride and strengthening what employees told their neighbors about Carondelet.

The A-Ha Moment

The best time to hear from your doctor is before you’re sick (not after).

The Creative

Carondelet loves its community. Wholeheartedly.

So we decided to blanket the entire Tucson community with all that love through our campaign: "Be well." Our friendly design went hand in hand with the warm and welcoming personality of Tucson.

Out on the town or out on their commute, people couldn't miss seeing how Carondelet is all about helping and caring for everyone, everywhere.

And it wasn't just check-ups and chest pains. "Be well" became Carondelet's call to arms ...

... inspiring people to care for their own (and everyone else's) well-being.

After all, when you've been a community's main caregiver for over 125 years, you can confidently claim you truly do have its best interests at heart.

The Results

Community support and referrals soared

30% increase in preference among the insured