Getting the World Worked Up About Work





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The Challenge

Industrial teams today are too often disconnected, siloed, and working from data that is missing, outdated, or just plain incorrect. Trimble challenged us to show how their technology can not only solves those issues, but can also radically transform how we work today.

Strategic Decision

Trimble is pushing humanity’s ability to transform the future of work.

The A-Ha Moment

“Wow, embracing Trimble will greatly impact my life’s work.”

Forty years ago, Trimble came on the scene with geospatial positioning products and has grown into a global leader with a singular focus: bridge the physical and digital sides of today’s work to help construct, grow and move the things we need to live our lives and build future communities.

Trimble’s power to connect the entire work world conjured up an image for us. One that simply and cohesively highlighted the importance of interconnection within industries by focusing on the core essence of what they do: WORK. Our creative solution was to take an impossible-to-ignore visual approach to getting across the idea that Trimble is powering the interconnected world of work.

We juxtaposed images of key industry experiences within our larger-than-life hero word (WORK) to showcase how work is now simpler, streamlined, and most importantly, connected. Now, how do we land that message? Our visual got us thinking: basically, there’s way too much work in work. But not anymore. Finally, with Trimble, work works now.

This unique, three-word declaration became the foundation of our campaign messaging. Through digital banners, print ads in Fast Company, OOH in Las Vegas and Denver, NPR radio spots, and a 60-second anthem video, we communicated how Trimble is the driving force powering the interconnected world of work.