Helping one of the world’s largest software companies teach elephants to dance.





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The Challenge

A lot of our work for VMware has focused on positioning and strategic messaging. This time up: the CEO’s keynote at VMworld. Big business can’t allow small, nimble startups to steal their market. But a big business running VMware can adapt to market changes quickly—and do much more to exploit new opportunities because of the advantages of scale.

Strategic Decision

Position VMware as an essential fabric for business agility and success.

The A-Ha Moment

It’s no longer the big beating the small, it’s the fast beating the slow.

The Creative

Some of the most powerful ideas are not relegated to just being seen on TV, read in print ads, or experienced online.

Our strategic thinking didn't take center stage in the traditional sense of marketing, but it did take center stage at VMworld.

We helped create CEO Pat Gelsinger's keynote speech at VMworld, detailing five imperatives for digital business to succeed in a hyper-connected world—organized around our theme "Innovate like a startup, deliver like an enterprise."

Elephants must learn to dance.

Innovate like a startup, deliver like an enterprise.

Message to clouds: Can't we all just get along?

Unified hybrid cloud is the future.

Would you like security with that?

A renaissance in security has begun. Carpe diem.

Hello, I am C-3PO, human cyborg relations. How might I serve you?

Automate everything. Predict (almost) anything.

Welcome to the Age of Rattling the Cage.

Taking risks = lowest risk.

The Results

 “Gelsinger’s keynote really set the table as to why VMware is beginning to differentiate itself outside the data center.”
– Network World

“Everyone needs to Watch Pat Gelsinger’s keynote.”
– Network World

“The biggest impression I was left with was from Gelsinger’s remarks.” –