Creating a spotlight from a blackout

The Tyra Banks company


The Tyra Banks Company


Advertising & Conceptual Development

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Creative Production

The Challenge

As if she could get any more fabulous, Tyra Banks was launching a new beauty line. And with more social followers than the Pope, she was seeking a way to do it without laying out a huge advertising budget.

Strategic Decision

Leverage Tyra’s 30 million social followers.

The A-Ha Moment

Sometimes, saying nothing can speak volumes.

The Creative


Across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Google+, and, TyTy’s photos, videos and posts were replaced with mysterious, yet incredibly chic, black squares.

Tyra Banks is loud, fierce, and has over 31 million social media followers. So when she asked us to launch Tyra Beauty, the question was: How do you draw even more attention to a celeb who’s already louder than life? You follow Mortar’s advice and you shut up for a week.

The campaign took on a life of its own—moving from confused fear to unrestrained excitement as we started a countdown to her big secret.


Right at the point her fans couldn’t take it anymore, we dropped the glitter bomb—her new cosmetics brand, TYRA beauty.

The Results

292,165 Likes, 15,040 comments, and 3,831 shares later, the social media shockwave we created for her new line had TyTy singing our praises: