Empowering Moments of Powerful Connection

Advanced Bionics


Advanced Bionics


Identity & Naming

Brand Strategy

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Creative Production

The Challenge

Position three specific cochlear implant products under one all-encompassing campaign (The Marvel platform) with Phonak, the world’s leader in hearing aids.

Strategic Decision

Change their approach from "leading with technology" to heralding our brand/products as "connectors to life" for every patient.

The A-Ha Moment

"Wow! Marvel lets me connect to life like never before."

Sound connects us. It helps immerse us in our world and build strong relationships with the ones we love. Those thoughts guided us in shooting and creating warm, personal, engaging photography that would appeal to patients, while also incorporating an environmental background in our designs that feels immersive and connects people with the world around them.

Our creative executions included product brochures, print ads, brand and demo videos, internal sales and trade show materials, and a new website.

We wrote, storyboarded, co-directed, and produced three individual videos: one for the umbrella AB brand, and two for individual products (adult and pediatric cochlear implants). The videos included a mix of live action, animation, and 3-D rendering and were all translated into eight different languages—resulting in the biggest launch for Advanced Bionics in a decade.

The Results

34% traffic increase year-over-year (compared to the same period in 2019).