Seize the Day Camp.

Steve & Kate's Camp


Steve & Kate's Camp


Advertising & Conceptual Development

Creative Production

The Challenge

With Steve & Kate's rewriting the rules on what a kid's day camp can be, how do we deliver a campaign that's just as bold and forward-thinking?

Strategic Decision

Make parents pay attention by creating impossible-to-ignore ads, and they'll look at Steve & Kate's camp differently.

The A-Ha Moment

Sometimes moms and dads need to question their own parenting skills.

Steve and Kate's wanted to really make some noise. With a summer camp unlike any other, they needed a one-of-a-kind campaign just as bold, forward-thinking and intriguing as they are.

We created a campaign that caught our potential customers off guard, made them stop in their tracks, and maybe even gasp in awe...or horror.

The Results

Steve and Kate's get a marketing persona that comes close to matching kids' experience: fun and wild