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Identity & Naming

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Creative Production

The Challenge

Change the perception of Quantum as a data storage company, to the leader in enriching unstructured data.

Strategic Decision

We will no longer focus on where or how we store data; we will now focus on how we can make data richer so it can work harder.

The A-Ha Moment

“My data is way different with Quantum, now there’s so much more I can do with it.”

Thinking beyond the traditional data storage category—and knowing Quantum could own the idea of providing customers with a new, fresh, enriched type of data that's “alive”—was all the firepower we needed to create bold, engaging, and completely competition-busting executions.

While other players were talking to the storage folks, we had Quantum go bolder by speaking to those who wanted their data to deliver insights, provide answers, and do so much more. So we developed a myriad of advertising executions, a new website, and a trade show experience that truly welcomed everyone to the Enriched World of Living Data.

  • Quantum tradeshow
  • Quantum tradeshow materials
  • Quantum tradeshow booth
  • Quantum tradeshow booth
  • Quantum tradeshow booth

For the National Association of Broadcasters trade show, we built a larger-than-life graphic to interactively land the idea of ‘living data.’ Individual call-outs represent metadata: the different kinds of “tags” Quantum users could apply to their data (the example below was for sports video footage).

  • Quantum Media & Entertainment
  • Quantum Enterprise
  • Quantum Government
  • Quantum Life Sciences
  • Quantum Video Surveillance

We also created unique imagery that celebrated specific aspects germane to key industries utilizing Quantum. This provided the opportunity to stretch the creative boundaries of our “Living Data” concept beyond our client’s (and the marketplace’s) expectations.

“From the stunning new visuals to the unique, fresh approach of our logo treatment and tagline, our executive team LOVED it all. Thanks for all the hard work. #nailedit!” 

—Natasha King Beckley, Chief Marketing Officer at Quantum