Moving Oncology Management Forward

Varian: Aria Core




Marketing strategy

Conceptual development

Creative production

The Challenge

Convince Oncologists that Varian is not only the leader in radiotherapy machines, but also an innovative pioneer in software solutions.

Strategic Decision

We’re more than an information system; we’re the leading Oncology Management System for unified multi-disciplinary patient care.

The A-Ha Moment

“A single integrated system gives me access to the whole patient picture, simplifies my workflow, and enables fully informed decisions that give my patients the best treatment possible.”

Our creative work began by developing a graphic representation of Varian’s ARIA CORE information management software. Inspired by the complete continuum of care ARIA CORE provides, we embraced the boundaryless, multi-dimensional nature of a mobius to evoke the seamless journey a cancer patient travels while undergoing treatment.

ARIA CORE is an all-in-one solution—containing every piece of patient information a clinician needs in a single location. Concepting our additional creative assets, we landed on the idea of a continual, steady flow of data points streaming through our mobius icon—representing ARIA CORE’s capabilities of streamlining a clinician’s treatment workflow.

For ASTRO, Radiation Oncology’s largest annual event, we developed print ads, animated visual presentations, product brochures, tradeshow materials, and an anthem video showcasing ARIA CORE’s unprecedented advantages for the future of oncology management information systems.

“Everything from the icon, animated ad lob, and PowerPoint slides to the messaging was exactly what we hoped it would be and more. We are super proud of all the assets produced. ARIA is one of our flagship products, so there was always going to be a lot of scrutiny in getting this brand right. We had such great feedback from Varian people and customers saying they love it, it gave them chills watching the video, and how the new brand is very modern.” 

—Selina Elliott, Director, Global Commercial Strategy & Marketing at Varian