Embracing a new
cancer-fighting ethos

Varian: Ethos™ Therapy




Identity & Naming

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Creative Production

The Challenge

Introduce a new, advanced cancer treatment machine without igniting a features war with competitors.

Strategic Decision

We’re not launching a machine, we're establishing a belief.

The A-Ha Moment

How we fight cancer has changed forever.

The Creative

We took inspiration from the meaning of ethosthe characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community; its beliefs and aspirations—to create our initial marketing materials. So we decided not to rely on the expected route of showcasing beauty shots of the product.

Instead, we built intrigue by starting out with messaging, visuals, and identity that spoke to Ethos as being a completely new belief system—a true paradigm shift in how the world will fight cancer from here on out. A turning point in history where human expertise and high technology converge, triggering a moment (The Moment of Ethos) where things will never be the same.

Then, it was time to show the metal. We developed print, video, digital banners, landing pages, brochures, mobile, internal communications, and tradeshow materials in Europe and the US to introduce Varian’s revolutionary new Adaptive Intelligence™ solution—Ethos therapy—to the world.