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Varian: Halcyon


Varian Halcyon


Identity & Naming

Advertising & Conceptual Development

Marketing & Communications Strategy

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

Creative Production

The Challenge

Launch a new radiotherapy treatment device for the market leader, Varian.

Strategic Decision

Position Halcyon as a transformative way to fight cancer.

The A-Ha Moment

Wow. This changes everything.

We sparked intrigue by launching Halcyon without the usual "hero" product shots—developing messaging and a completely unique visual identiy that leaned heavily on Halcyon's design differentiation.

The global launch of Halcyon was all-encompassing. From tradeshows in Europe and the U.S., to targeted digital, print and video, Halcyon quickly became a preeminent part of Varian's portfolio.

Halcyon brochure - Product launch marketing and branding Mortar Creative Agency Bay AreaHalcyon brochure - Product launch marketing and branding Mortar Creative Agency Bay Area

"Mortar team, the show was a huge success and I want to thank you all for the great work, dedication and hard work you put in to make Varian look so good online and offline. I can't ask for a better agency partner and appreciate your talent, perseverance and patience."

— Maye Chua, Manager, Digital Marketing & Campaign Strategy

The Results

The launch was one of the most successful in Varian's history, with clinics and hospitals from all over the world placing orders for the system

“The Halcyon system is not just an iterative improvement. I expect this will be the new standard for linear accelerators of the future.”

– James M. Metz
Chairman, Department of Radiation Oncology
U of Penn Perelman Cancer Center

(via Applied Radiation Oncology)

“Halcyon will amplify our response to the global cancer challenge by allowing us to support the emergence of a radiation oncology competent workforce in developing regions, who will be able to deliver cutting-edge treatments equal to those currently delivered in developed areas.”

– Mark Middleton
CEO, Icon Group

(via Applied Radiation Oncology)

“Having now completed our first treatments, I can say that Halcyon lived up to its promise of a more efficient workflow and better integration of imaging and treatment, which resulted in a much faster overall treatment time.”

– Prof. Karin Haustermans
M.D., Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology
UZ Leuven

(via Imaging Technology News)