Celebrating Imagination through Corrugation

Exploratorium: WildCard




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The Challenge

Drive "must-see" attendance for visitors and local families and remind them the Exploratorium is for adults with and without children.

Strategic Decision

Make the marketing experience an extension of the exhibition experience.

The A-Ha Moment

“What?! A life-size cardboard world? Where? This I gotta see.”

WildCard (we named it) is the Exploratorium’s large-scale art installation that has to be personally witnessed (and walked through) to be believed. It’s a phenomenon that requires active participation. We took that idea to heart by intentionally making our creative marketing transport people into that cardboard reality.

Cardboard is the classic childhood medium of imagination. The playful, DIY, 3-D aesthetic of our ads honored that kid-like curiosity on outdoor shelters, street pole banners, wild postings, and Bay area tourist buses—teasing the alternate world that visitors would inhabit at the WildCard exhibit.

We also developed digital banners, social media, print ads, and making-of videos to round out how WildCard was the perfect place to partake in the melding of art and play.