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Coast Casinos


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The Challenge

How do you position a local chain of casinos for success in a gambling mecca like Las Vegas?

Strategic Decision

Locals are too smart to go to "the strip," so let's convince them Coast Casinos is where the savvy locals play.

The A-Ha Moment

In a town for serious gambling, why doesn't anyone take gamblers seriously?


The Coast Casinos integrated campaign

This campaign is built around the idea that there are a set of unwritten "rules" experienced players live by. ("If you can't spot the fresh fish at the table, it's you.")

The tagline: "When You're Local, You Know" reinforces the overall campaign by assuming the reader is in on the joke–and reminding them of the one thing we want them to take away–Coast Casinos are where savvy locals play.

The Results

Las Vegas' leading chain of locals' casinos is united behind one promise: Coast is where savvy local gamblers play