Answering the cry for help

Sumo Logic


Sumo Logic


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Creative Production

The Challenge

Convince cloud-based organizations to use Sumo Logic for machine data analysis.

Strategic Decision

Aim at the cloud-first: those who believe the future of computing is cloud, but are probably surrounded by haters.

The A-Ha Moment

Hallelujah! I'm not alone in this. Damn! I need help.

The Creative

It may be 2018, but moving to the cloud can be scary. The lack of visibility can spur anxiety and sap confidence: the perfect conditions for a campaign based on fake public service announcements (PSAs). We knew our audience of cloud-savvy companies would get the joke and applaud the parody.

Is it ok to go all the way after just a few posters?

Well, that depends on your partner. Sumo Logic took things to the next level with a Cloud Preparedness Guide, and matching t-shirts and stickers.

The Results

“Those are f**king funny...”
– An IT Guy

“There’s certainly nobody in the industry doing stuff like this!... I can’t thank you guys enough for the quick turnaround on this. AND everyone LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the humor...”
– Director, Demand Gen.

“[This is] fresh, different, a new perspective”
– VP, Marketing