UPDATE: Intern Jonny is saved! Watch his heartwarming thank you video.
Keep Lil' Jonny off the streets.
Perpetual beads of sweat
Jonny's favorite shoes (also, the only pair he owns)

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Take a long, hard look at this face.
If you see this poor guy camped out at 6th and Folsom in a few weeks, you'll know you've failed in the collective task we're about to
present you.

You see, Jonny's job is in danger. Today, he's an intern at Mortar. Next month, he might be this guy.

Why? Mortar is on a mission to get more social media followers. But we know no action comes without reward.
So we decided that if we don't get 500 new followers by
April 20, Jonny gets the axe.

It's simple: You follow us, Jonny gets a little closer to
continued employment. Negative reinforcement at its finest.

Jonny thanks you for your help.

  • Somebody do something!! The candy and nut supply
    isn't going to restock itself.

    Ben Klau, General Manager at Mortar

  • I know Jonny would be dearly missed around here.
    He's the only one who knows how to work the coffeemaker.

    Mark Williams, Managing Partner/Co-founder at Mortar

  • Is he single?

    Lindsay Molina, random Twitter follower

  • He just informed me that today is World Whisky Day.
    You can't teach skills like that.

    Hugh Gurin, Associate Creative Director at Mortar

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